april 10: Paul sails to Tahiti in search of a world unspoiled

The prompt for the 10th was to write an advertisement poem. I had some notes I’d taken while at the “Gaugin: Metamorphoses” exhibit at MoMA earlier this month, and decided to write an advertisement for Tahiti commenting on the colonialism and imperialism that Gaugin was enacting during his stay in Tahiti and through his artwork (especially art depicting Tahitian women). I thought the exhibit did a very good job of highlighting the colonialism and exotification inherent in the artwork: the ways in which Gaugin projected his own conceptions of Tahiti (and the “exotic” in general) onto the island and its people to use in his own art, and the ways in which he appropriated indigenous Tahitian art to repackage it for European audiences. Information about the exhibit here.

april 9: Escaping a southern people-storm on a two lane country road

april 8: two cat song

april 7: Wake me up gently

april 6: The road from the window

april 5: you and me is a meteor

still a few days behind. the prompt for april 5 is a “golden shovel,” where the last word of every line is a word from another poem, so you can read the other poem by reading the last word of each line in order. the poem that i “shoveled” (?? i guess) is this piece by my roomie-friend who is a fantastic poet. (it seems quite short until you give every word its own line. then you want to cry about undertaking a poem like this.) i think the tricky part about this form, besides the obvious one of having to end each line with a certain word, is figuring out how to do justice to your source material in terms of subject; i tried to riff off of A’s “we are made of galaxies” theme, while still working with my own ideas. this form also seems like a good jumping-off point for writing and inspiration: even if you don’t stay true to the form, it could be a good place to start if you’re in need of some words to use or structure to work from.

april 4: so long new york

it appears i’ve fallen a day behind… but this group of lunes (three line stanzas: 3 words, 5 words, 3 words) was written upon returning from a very very short trip to new york city, while i was in the middle of reading henry roth’s call it sleep. so i was thinking a lot about the big beautiful places we stay near and visit in manhattan, and then the poorer places i only pass on my way out of new york by bus. i think i have a very complicated relationship with the city (and cities in general), and i wanted to delve a little bit into that ambivalence.

april 3: Traveling Spell

(Prompt: write a charm: a simple, rhyming poem in the style of a recipe-slash-nursery rhyme. as thursday was a traveling day, this is a charm to get you where you want to go.)

april 2: Tiamat

(prompt: write a poem based on a myth that is not from greek or roman mythology. i was looking at the story of tiamat, the primordial dragon-goddess of creative chaos from the sumerian pantheon.)

april 1: (ad)vice

(Prompt: write a poem based on a quote generated by Bibliomancy Oracle. Quote used for prompt here. Link to full poem for that quote here, because it’s absolutely brilliant.)

catching up on national poetry month: april 14

[a poem about wonder woman. disclaimer: this is meant to be performed, not read. hopefully i’ll be able to record and post a video tonight.] 

Artist, I wish you’d let me be
            a bit more practical.
My hair is just too damn long
            and I don’t have time to run to CVS
                        to pick up hair ties:
this Amazon has better things to do than
Artist, you gave me bracelets,
            but they may as well be chains,
            indestructible and
            don’t they look damn good with the
            golden eagle plastered across my breasts,
            which, proportionally speaking, are illogical-
                        I’m not your Barbie doll.
I could more easily kick villainy in the ass
            if I wasn’t constantly trying to cover my own:
this star-spangled leotard was made in the U.S.A.
            for your viewing pleasure,
            while I’m fighting the spandex for the right to even move.
You think a girl with bare legs and boots
            fulfills your scrawny fantasies of what female strength must be,
but I’m no girl.
This huntress fights for freedom,
            but the kind she can never find is on her own body:
            denied solid shoes, a scrunchie, and something a bit more practical
            than a spandex leotard plated in gold.
You tell me justice is blind, so
I don’t need to be attractive,
            but you don’t think readers would be reactive
            to an ugly girl fighting uglier crime:
From you drawing pros to Comic Con
            it seems perfection is only aesthetic;
It doesn’t matter if I’m athletic,
No matter how well I fight it’s whatever, unless
            you can almost see my ass, unless
            my body is an hourglass,
and it seems
I spend more time in combat against
            the injustices of your drawing board
than any enemy that oozes from your pen.
Artist, I know I serve others-
            justice is no selfish cause,
            and I look for no prize-
but I don’t serve you or your eyes, I’m not your lay.
I am not your pin-up princess,
            Would you draw Superman this way?
And I’m not your whore,
But it seems it’s no matter
            what I’m fighting for;
            as long as the one dropping bombshells
            is a bombshell herself.

catching up on national poetry month: april 13

I am only ever where I need to be.
            I like
                        staying in one place
                        for a very long time.
            The echoes of me from five minutes,
                        an hour ago,
            are still there and I know
            where I’ve been:
I need to be back
            at home plate
            or my swing swings out of balance
                        and when I’m nervous
                        I can’t run:
            my feet stop working and my legs
                        spin out of reach
            and the ground comes closer.
Let me stay here and watch the world
            ticking by
            until my eyes hurt
            until I fall asleep.
I’ll join you in the morning, once
            I find all I need
books, shoes,
            my witty remarks
            or I’ll run out of things to say:
                        I didn’t leave just to stay quiet;
                        I leave to live loudly
                        and stay to not speak
            (I say it in my head,
            if there is anything to say).
I might just stay inside today.
            It’s okay-
            it’s okay.
The world will still be there in the morning,
            and so will I.

catching up on national poetry month: april 12

[these were things I had in my head
             some of them I didn’t know I had
             and some I did
            and pushed them aside]

I want to do all that again 
            I want to sit next to you in every class
                         at every movie
                        at every thing
             but I don’t know if it’s just
                         convenience that you sit with me but
             please continue
             I want to fall asleep with your hand in mine
                         but no no no never again it won’t happen
             I don’t want to call you mine
                         not really 
I just want to sit next to you forever
please pay attention to me

catching up on national poetry month: april 11

Call me when it’s warm.
Here it’s not what I’d call spring,
not yet, anyway.
I would like to hibernate
‘til the dogwoods are in bloom.

catching up on national poetry month: april 10

to the hand
            squeezing my lungs
All I want to do is stay on the line
            when I place a call.
            dear Hand, I am an adult;
                        a phone call will not kill me.
            (now i am worried a phone call will kill me;
            [or possibly “woman” “young woman”]
            killed in tragic phone call accident,
            her anxiety let up just enough to allow her
                        to make the call that caused her
            untimely demise”)
I know
            you squeeze because you care
            (thank you)
                        but please
            squeeze more gently:
                        I can’t quite breathe.